The Waite Legacy-Ren Plays The Sims

waite legacy

Ella Waite is the founder of this comedy/romance/drama legacy challenge. She falls in love quickly and the legacy takes off from there. While generation one is short, it extends from there, following the lives of each child and heir, including a very special cross-over from the Pruett Family Legacy for generation 5! The Waites are a dynamic family who overcome plenty and celebrate the gift that is life.

First Post: 22nd November 2014
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: This legacy evolved just like its author, which is beautiful when it comes to reading it. It begins very diary-like with Ren jumping in, giving her opinion and having conversations with her Sims. Then, it grows into a detailed story that gives unique personalities and heart to each character. Currently, in generation five, Ren takes time to explore different facets of relationships and life experiences, providing her own spin on a traditional Sim legacy.


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