McKinley Legacy – Pixelise

Catalina McKinley grew up in Bridgeport with her two wealthy parents Natalia and George. Catalina is an only child and became very independent from a young age. As a teenager she became rebellious and was often found in the Bridgeport party scene. As she grew in a young adult she realised that life wasn’t all about parties and she found herself sketching and painting. Art was the only thing that she really truly loved. It was her escape from everyone calling her the McKinley daughter. Art was the only thing she could call her own.  Catalina decided that it was time for a change and she said goodbye to her parents in search of a new adventure away from her parent’s shadow. It was time for her to make her own legacy.

First Post: New Legacy
Status: Active/Monthly

First Impressions – I loved the introduction and the back story of Catalina. It really helped understand her character and her life so far. I like how Pixelise jumps straight in on getting Catalina to know people in Willow Creek and Windenburg.  I found myself asking myself towards the end of the first episode what’s going to happen with Catalina and Kash? Or will she hangout with Alan instead? I really enjoyed the first episode overall and I’m interested in what is in store for the second episode.


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