True Companion – LJFoxie


Three generations of wicca live in a small caravan on the outskirts of Newcrest. For quite some time now, they’ve lived comfortably with the locals and Rowena, the youngest of the four, has become comfortable with flora, fauna, and beast in the area. Though it is the latter that fate lays in her barefooted path, stirring lives and loves for an inevitable clash.

Status: Complete
First Post: September 24, 2018

First Impressions: True Companion is well written and portrayed through the website in chronological order with gorgeous rustic visuals that work well for the story. From the very first picture, the world and characters emphasize the supernatural world and characters. Each passage after another compels and bewitches you to continue reading to find out what happens next, engaging the reader with just enough intrigue to keep them wanting more.


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