A Ghost of a Chance – Raerei

First, there was darkness.Then, a mysterious figure illuminated the blackness around him with flashes of images. They were blurry at first, slowly coming into focus, one by one consuming the empty world around him. But one cannot move forward by merely recollecting what once was, and there is a new door of opportunity walk through, even for the dead.

First Post: May 3, 2016
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: Raerie knows how to write a twist! A Ghost of a Chance is built on the foundation of other stories written by the same author, but aren’t exclusive to the setting. In the first two chapters alone, readers will get hooked by this story’s style and protagonists, who in this case are just as confused as we are. In short, this is a thought-provoking tale of life after death in which Raerie explores the perspective of one of the most common yet underdeveloped occults in Sims history.


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