Friends of Foes – Simscognito

Disclaimer: This story contains mature content and may be NSFW.
Discretion is advised.

Friends of Foes - Simscognito

Credit: Friends of Foes – Simscognito

The King and Queen are dead. For young Alexander, that meant not only grieving them and his aunt who had just been brutally murdered by the infamous Sweglords but taking up the crown in their stead. On the other side of the fence, an evil organization of His Evil Services plot their next maneuver. Will the struggle between family and alliances get between the new king and his friend on the other side?

Status: Ongoing
First Post: November 16, 2017
Last Updated: August 18, 2019

First Impressions: Intrigue, thrill, and good writing! Friends of Foes has a good balance of mystery that keeps you clicking the next chapter, eager to see the next train wreck of occurrences. With a blur between good and bad, every character becomes their own personality with in-depth characterizations and a well-written immersive story.


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