Wonder Child Wood – Meggs


The Wonder Child Wood written by Meggs is inspired by the Wonder Child Challenge. The story is written in the perspective of Ms. Kira Bird (seen center) who is an employee of The Wonder Child Project. Hundreds of couples have been randomly selected and assigned to procreate with the purpose of giving birth to ‘perfect’ children. The parents are then given stipend and resources to raise the child in the best environment and education possible. Ms. Bird’s logs follow Amelia, rather regretting signing up for the program, and her quiet counterpart, Isaac, through the program.

First Post: March 7, 2015
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: The story is written as an observational log that starts out with a very official letter to the main characters. From there, it introduces Kira Bird as the professional she is, doing her job to get Amelia and Isaac to procreate. From the very beginning, the reader will raise their eyebrow at the fishy entries and leaves them to wonder if The Wonder Child Project is more than it appears. And you have to wonder… what do they even want the wonder children for? It’s a well-written story that draws the mystery lover in.


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