Black Widow – Rory Plays The Sims

Juliette’s mother died earlier in her life leaving her father and herself with a hole in their hearts. After her father decided to begin dating again, Juliette discovers that her future mother-in-law, Lilian, is a member of the Black Widow club. These women date men, marry them, then kill them off for their inheritance. Not only that, but Lilian had a son in Willow Creek that she hadn’t mentioned before. Juliette’s concerns were met with deaf ears, her father dismissing her for being childish. But he should have listened. After walking in on Lilian with another man, he gripped his chest and fell to the ground. Juliette swore to avenge her father’s death by finding Lilian’s son, wooing him, and killing him.

First Post: January 12, 2016
Status: Active / Weekly

First Impressions: Rory is a very fun Let’s Player to watch. She has a lighthearted and casual commentary that makes the nefarious plans of her Sims rather enjoyable. The story is focused around a rather dark premise. On the path to revenge, it’s interesting to see if Juliette will become the monster that Lilian is. With the contrast between blonde, pink, and Rory’s cheery voice to the dark discussion of Juliette settling a graveyard in her basement for urns, this series is a compelling drama to unfold.

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