The Ackerman Legacy- Ch. 1 Ep. 1

Lexi’s first day in Willow Creek was hard it was confusing and lonely. All she had was a bush to pee in, a children’s bed and refrigerator and stove with a little place to cook.

04-16-16_10-24-54 PM

 I didn’t know anyone. She decided to go to the art museum in Willow Creek. There this snooty girl, looked like from the upper class, started to imitate her and was being really rude. Her name was Luna. 

04-16-16_10-34-49 PM

At the art Museum Lexi found an easel, something she couldn’t afford yet. Her first drawing was a llama, not the best llama but a llama.

04-16-16_10-39-14 PM

Behind the art museum Lexi saw a little beach and there was a guy sitting there. Her being outgoing went to the talk to him. He was good looking. His name was Bob Pancakes. Lexi started to flirt with him and everything was going great. We decided that we were both hungry so we left the beach and went to the bar next door.

04-16-16_10-48-23 PM

Lexi had to really go use the bathroom which was upstairs. For those few moments she was gone Bob must have left because he was nowhere inside the bar. Even do Bob left we started to make friends with Paolo Rocca.

04-16-16_10-52-02 PM

While at the bar Lexi got hungry and since she didn’t have money, she just ate some chips. She also was super tired from the move and her long day so she went back to her lot. When she woke up she heard some noise. It was all her neighbors, they threw her a housewarming party. She wasn’t expecting that, she was still in her pajamas. She made them some breakfast because she was really hungry.

04-16-16_11-02-30 PM

Her potential boyfriend invited her to be in the same club as him, the powerhouse club. She went to the gym and worked out trying to impress her potential boyfriend. She started to talk to Bjorn Bjergsen but he is married and he is a very loyal guy.

Powerhouse club

Since the gym had a pool and since Paolo was there she decided to skinny dip in the gym’s pool. Trying to catch his eye. After getting out of the pool she also kept her clothes off and walked around the gym naked.  From all the hard workout she took a nap on the street bench. When she woke up she felt energized and went to the nightclub and danced until she felt tired again.

04-16-16_11-15-54 PM


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