Clanbuilding for Dummies – Katrina

Clanbuilding for Dummies - Katrina.jpg

Forgotten Hollow, home to Sims that love taking a bite out of the night life. Within its gated community, a lord of vampires named Vladislaus seeks an heir. Unfortunately for his current dark children, he hasn’t quite decided who should take up that mantle. Thus ensues the quest of a fledgling, poor normal Elliot once boring and bad at life human now a boring bad at unlife vampire. Will Elliot build the ultimate clan and make the cut? Probably not.

Status: Ongoing
First Post: October 12, 2018
Last Updated: October 4, 2019

First Impressions: If you’re looking for a bit of dark humor and good chuckles in your vampire stories, then Clanbuilding for Dummies is your ticket! This comic is made of self-aware Sims as the tin can says. Not only that but Sims that are bad at building with drywall and generic decorations, just like my builds! I can’t express enough how many times I laughed at just the first few chapters, and sure enough, there’s more to come with a well portrayed comic style that keeps a good flow of dialogue and visual.


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