Wren’s Nest – CareWren123


Alone. Wren McDaniel is used to being alone. The ground is barren and she hasn’t seen another human being since … the event. Now, the only comfort she has is the memories of charred photographs and sketches of her childhood home. Shut up in her shelter, still clinging to the remnants of her past, Wren struggles with the destruction of the world around her and the loss of others she loved dearly. But even in the melancholy, she looks for the greatest of treasures. Hope.

First Post: December 14, 2014
Status: Hiatus

First Impressions: Wren is a survivor. She’s not going to give up. She’s not going to stop. She’s going to work harder. And that’s just what she does in CareWren’s apocalypse story. CareWren put a lot of detail into bringing readers into the apocalypse and the emotional strain it would have on a single individual without much social contact. The Sim even seems to develop an attachment to the cramped environment. Not a surprising since it provides her safety, of course, but readers will be on the edge of their seat wanting to know more about the mystery of what exactly ‘the event’ was, why there are Sims in white outfits wandering in the wasteland, and if Wren will ever reconnect with her family.


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