The Life of Kevin – CaptainSauce

The Life of Kevin is a wonderful and lighthearted Let’s Play about a Sim named Kevin. Surprised, right? Kevin doesn’t really ask for much in life but to be happy and to be surrounded by good people. Maybe beat up Justin Beiber once in a while. His story takes place a neighborhood with multiple celebrity Sims such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Will Smith, Kevin finds himself up to many antics.

First Post: March 2, 2015
Status: Active / Weekly

First Impressions: This is a series that is very easy to binge watch! Kevin is a lovable Sim that eventually builds a very involved household. CaptainSauce delivers never-ending entertainment with his commentary and explorative driven gameplay. Almost every episode, he learns something new about Kevin, who refuses to wear socks and has an affinity to fight fires. It’s guaranteed to make viewers laugh out loud during the funny moments, and maybe even shed a tear or two for their favorite Sim hero.


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