Friends of Foes – Simscognito


A teenage boy is thrust into the role of a king when his parents and aunt are murdered by the infamous hitmen, the Sweglords, who have unfinished business with the secret organization, His Evil Services. With the threat of war and the growing numbers of Sweglords in leadership roles, the new king and his friends struggle to stay close and to hide and maintain their friendship with one of the Sweglord’s sons.

Status: Ongoing
First Post: November 16, 2017

First Impressions: Mystery from the get-go! Friend of Foes has intrigue that will draw you in and keep clicking on its already substantial amount of chapters. In the head of Henry, Simscognito gives us a glance into what it’s like to have families that don’t get along and the struggle of friendship when tensions are high. With a world set up in the first few chapters, readers will realize that this political conspiracy gets heavy on Henry’s shoulders very quickly.


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