Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains – Hcfurlong

Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains.png

Appalooosa Plains, a quiet ranching town filled with old architecture and quiet seclusion, is suffering. Empty, ancient, bland, and falling apart, much of the town has been deemed decrepit making attempts to renovate quite difficult. But that only meant a challenge for the Governor and Jada Walker who see a diamond in the rough. It was her job to clean up messes even ones as big as a new bill declaring that it’s time to knock it all down except for one single Victorian. With the rubble in her way, will Jada be able to rebuild Appaloosa and reinvigorate its community?

Status: Ongoing
First Post: October 10, 2018

First Impressions: Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains is a well-written challenge story based on the ‘Build A City’ challenge. It is packed with beautiful screenshots and immerses the reader in a tale of Jada Walker in the middle of this quiet ghost town with falling apart houses and leaky plumbing. Even more solemn is the connection of the reader’s emotion to the demolishing of a beloved world for The Sims 3. You’ll want to cheer for the protagonist to make progress and for Sims builders, this is a beautiful connection of two different play styles merged together into a page clicker.


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