The Willow’s Way – Martymor


Bethany and Roland are in a crisis. Both of them were accustomed to a higher standard of living, but Roland’s business took a nosedive. When he surprises Bethany with a new house, she’s expecting something much more extravagant but is sorely disappointed. Bethany struggles with learning to cook and finding the closest mall, and Roland struggles with Bethany’s constant demands. Will the two adjust or will the stress of the change fracture their relationship?

First Post: September 9, 2014
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: Concluding at the end of Season 2, The Willows Way is a breath of fresh air. It breaks the conventions of usual Sims stories by placing it in a very visually appealing graphic novel form. The comic has moments of witty one-liners while providing a story of complicated yet common life lessons. Readers will be able to identify with the polar opposites that make up Bethany and Roland, yet they still find themselves incredibly in love. But will it be able to take the test of financial hardship? That’s the drawing question that looms in the first few strips of the series.


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