Line of the Last – WagonFruit

Disclaimer: This story contains mature content and may be NSFW.
Discretion is advised.


Credit: Line of the Last – WagonFruit

A mythological feud dating back to the Gods of Olympus spawn a legacy to rebuild the Amazonian city of Sima-Mighdall. Following the disappearance of the once proud and vengeful tribe, High Priestess Bastet follows the divine guidance of Athena, taking the mantle of duty to return peace and prosperity to the Amazon with only her two slaves, Kadhi and Emil, at her side.

Status – Ongoing
First PostJanuary 27, 2017
Last Updated – October 6, 2019

First Impression: Line of the Last is a very unique story deriving from mythology, a royal legacy of a prideful Amazon woman that is the last of her kind. With raw inspiration from the DC comic universe and relations to lore canon Sims locations, this story sets itself up to be a fantastic read for a mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance. Not your typical legacy, it goes above and beyond epic proportions for its story! Also, some of the best parts are in the footnotes, be sure to check them out.


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