Trust, Love and Wishes – MakPlays


Trust, Love and Wishes is another excellent and exciting short story from Makplays.  You follow a man who wanders through the beautiful and charming Old Town of Windenburg in search of the Wishing Well. It had been a long time since he last stepped foot on the cobbled streets. Twenty years to be exact.  While on a search for the wishing well the main character reflects on things that have happened twenty years ago and how he wishes they could be different.

First Posted: 24 April 2016
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: I really do enjoy Makplays short stories and this one is another that is amazing. I love how the story opens with a quote and is somewhat like a journal entry. I really did not expect the story to progress how it did. I liked how the character is almost reflecting upon events that have happened in his life too. The detail and story line everything about this story is perfect. I also liked that the story was created based upon a set of screenshots that the author had received.


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