The Ackerman Legacy- Ch.1 Ep. 6

Alice came back to talk to Lexi at night and they stayed and talked until it was 1am. Lexi told her to leave that it was getting late and Alice left.

06-14-16_3-11-54 PM

When Lexi woke up she got a call from her wonderful friend J. Huntington. He wanted to go eat breakfast at Les Pyramids Restaurant. The restaurant was new and it had three level. On the first floor was the restaurant, on the second floor, was the nightclub or a place for people to dance and on the last roof was the pool for people to go swimming in. Lexi accepted the “date”, it was not a date, it was two friends having breakfast together. Lexi told J. that they should just be friends. After their breakfast, Lexi went home and showered, the green fog was coming out of her body and she was really dirty.

06-14-16_3-37-02 PM

After her shower, Lexi drew another picture of Roberto because the one they previously had got lost. It was good for Lexi to paint her husband because she got better at painting and will soon be able to make a lot more money on her art.

06-14-16_3-41-44 PM

Roberto had to prepare herself for his job and on his jog, he met Judith Jansen. She seemed like a nice person and was really friendly, she was just sitting in the picnic area.

Lexi spent her day taking a nap and woke up to a phone call from Alice to invite her to her birthday. Lexi went and did not buy her a present, it was more important for her to show up then a present for her friend.  The present Alice did get was that she is now Lexi’s Best Friend. At the party, Lexi started going into labor. Lexi rushed to the hospital to have her baby. Lexi gave birth to a beautiful girl named, Robin.

Lexi painted the first painting of Robin, she took the easel to Robin’s room and when she finished she put it on Robin’s room door.


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