The Ackerman Legacy- Ch.1 Ep. 5

At home, Lexi changed her hair to a different do because she was tired of the one she has. She asked Roberto to start to plan the wedding. She invited all her closest friends and hired everyone that needed to be hired for the wedding. She planned the wedding to be at the Van Haute Mansion because Lexi thought is was a really pretty place and a good place for pictures.

At her wedding, Lexi was wearing a really pretty black long dress. Roberto was wearing a tux. They had all their friends there. Lexi did want to invite J. Huntington but refused to. They took their vows in front of cupid shooting his arrow. The venue was the prettiest venue Lexi and Roberto have ever seen. Everyone had so much fun and all the guest loved the wedding.

After the wedding, they were so tired that they went to sleep when they got home. Roberto took a vacation day from his work. For their honeymoon, they went to Granite Falls. It was the wood but it was quiet and away from home. They decided to have a one-day honeymoon since they did not have a lot of money. On their first hour at the vacation house, they tried for a baby. They really did want a baby, their life was boring without one. After that, they played horseshoe. They went to the woods to connect more to nature and see what else is outside their home. They learned to fish. They had roasted marshmallows by the fire. Roberto learned that playing with fire is not good and could be very dangerous. The next morning they had to leave since they were only there for a day. They thought why does time go so quickly when they are having fun.

When they got home Lexi felt a bit sick. So she took a pregnancy test. She found that she will be eating for two. Roberto was in the bathroom with her and he was so excited that he will be a dad. She also told her neighbor and friend Alice Lewis. Alice wasn’t that happy about it. Lexi also became good friends with Alice. While gossiping with Alice she learned that Paolo was going to be a father too with Cora Franco.

Lexi thought that the house was too small and decided to bulldoze the whole house they currently had and buy a new house. The house had two bedrooms and it cost §17,979. It was not fully furnished.


05-30-16_8-58-00 PM

The New House




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