The Ackerman Legacy – Ep. 1 Ch.13

The following day, Lexi had to go out again with her friend Alice to Les Pyramids. It was a really nice looking restaurant. It had 3 floors; The first floor was the restaurant, the second floor looked like a nightclub, and the last floor was the pool. The only thing missing from the restaurant was rooms to make it a hotel. Lexi, always going out to eat at the cheap restaurants, thought it was expensive. While she was at the restaurant she threw up, it was her morning sickness. She felt embarrassed since it was at a restaurant, but it was not the food.

Roberto was invited to go to the knight night at a bar and he invited Lexi to go with him. Since Lexi was pregnant, she did not drink. She did get to talk to everyone there. They both got to meet some really cool knights. The night ended around one or two. When they got home they were exhausted and went straight to bed.

Saturday came by pretty fast. When Dylan woke up he cleaned up the home and Drew washed the dishes. The refrigerator broke and no one knew how to fix it so the repairman fixed it for 105 simoleons. When the refrigerator was fixed, Roberto made fruit salad, for the family to eat a healthy brunch.

Lexi was invited to go to Alice’s home to hangout. Lexi saw something she didn’t like. She saw Alice’s husband yelling at Alice and hitting her. Alice started to cry, so Lexi, being the great friend she is, yelled at Alice’s husband and defended her. Lexi wanted to invite Alice to go live with her and divorce her husband but she didn’t have the space or money for her to live with her. Lexi wished she could do something. She wanted to do something but could not. If only she could convince Alice to get a divorce.

Roberto was finally given the promotion he deserves. He was able to choose a track and chose to be a professional athlete. He is now gaining 12 simoleons more per hour. It may not be much but it is worth something.

Robert made Pan de Muerto for dinner. It was really good, and everyone liked it. Since it was Sunday they planned to go out as a family but Lexi went into labor before they could. Lexi and Roberto rushed to the hospital and the twins stayed home. When they got to the hospital they put her in a hospital gown and took her to the delivery room. The doctor was able to deliver the baby and she had a boy named Ryan. They took Ryan home and the twins loved Ryan.


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