Kidnapped: Sabrina’s Story – Kat

The Sims 3 Kidnapped: Sabrina's Story

It was just a normal day for the Myer family. That is, until the man in black turned his gun on them in their own home. But fists can’t compete with bullets. Everyone in Sunset Valley mourned the massacred family yet there was still something that didn’t quite make sense. The only one not found was the teenage daughter, Sabrina Myer. But nobody was coming for her. Presumed dead, will Sabrina survive through the horror of being kidnapped?

First Post: June 27, 2016
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: With such short six chapters, you’d expect Kidnapped to be full of action and despair. You would be right! The protagonist is relateable and well written, driven by a tornado of emotions. Sabrina’s story is a roller coaster ride and will have the reader at the edge of their seat with the ultimate determination to see if the girl survives.


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