The Ackerman Legacy- Ch.1 Ep. 8

Lexi and Roberto woke up to a knock from social services. They were there to take Robin away, apparently, they were neglecting her. Which was not the case at all, Robin was being fed, had her diaper changed, and had love. The social services did not think that they had a report from the daycare Robin was in yesterday saying that she was being neglected at home and her parents were leaving her there way too often. Lexi and Roberto were unable to fight the system and Robin was taken to a new home where she will live from foster home to foster home maybe. Lexi and Roberto got really sad and did not understand why it was happening to them.

They tried to go to the library to get on a computer to adopt her back but they got denied. While they were there Lexi used the computer to pay the bills of the house while she could. Roberto went to work and Lexi went to the art museum to paint and to think. She did not want to be home all alone. The house was too quiet for her now. She painted her first masterpiece worth 918 simoleons. She thought her sadness had one good outcome. She went to the picnic area to look at the water and saw that someone made hot dogs and ate some, she was hungry.

Lexi went home after eating the hot dogs, she had to go back at some point. She went to pee in the bathroom. When she came out she realized that she was late on her period. She could not remember when she had tried for a baby. The last time Roberto and Lexi had woohoo was when they went to the island but they used protection, she remembers that they used protection. At the time she had woohoo she wasn’t ready to have another child. Roberto was home and she told him and he was so happy that they will be able to have another child. This time, they thought they were going to take better care of it.

Lexi was invited to go to a restaurant by Alice but she flirted with some guy instead. Lexi was her way to get away from her house. As soon as she saw that Alice was at a table with some guy, Lexi left. Later, Lexi was invited to go to a party at the Buffs by Bjorn Bjergsen. Lexi had a blast at the party, she was just a bit upset she couldn’t drink any juice.

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3 thoughts on “The Ackerman Legacy- Ch.1 Ep. 8

  1. Oh boy, that’s sad that the baby was taken away. I’ve always wondered if the child remains in the family tree after they’ve been taken away by social services or does the game treat the child as if she no longer exists to the parents?



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