Queen Bee – MySimsShorts


Follow the thoughts of a young Tori while she waits her turn at her local spelling bee. As every other child takes their turn, she perfectly spells out the chosen word. For what seems like an eternity, Tori tries to keep herself busy until her turn. More and more children go up to the stage. With each one either correctly spelling the word or not at all. Tori reflects on past competitions to pass more time until it is her time to shine. Will she get her word correct or not? Only one way to find out.

First Posted: 1st June 2016
Status:  Completed

First Impressions: I really enjoyed this story and I loved how the author incorporated all the different words into the story. The way that you see the spelling bee through Tori’s perspective as well adds to the story and it’s interesting to hear her thoughts on other competitors as she waits her turn. My ultimate unanswered question though is whether or not Tori spells her word correctly or not.

Queen Bee was part of June 2016 Short Story Writing Challenge with the theme for the month being to select a very unusual/esoteric word into the story.

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