Pruett Family Legacy – Jes2G

Pruett Family Legacy

Xavier Pruett, pictured above, is the founder of this completed legacy. As with all good stories, the beginning is humble and what grows from his foundation is a tale of monumental proportions. The Pruetts struggle to figure out who they are, many heirs reshaping the Pruett name for better or worse, but each of them step up to the task and give life to a unique journey full of twists and turns (and so many cliff hangers!).

First Post: 15th September 2014
Status: Complete

First Impressions: The Pruett Family Legacy was the first legacy I ever read–it inspired me to start writing one of my own!

Jes2G is the master of the cliff hanger, so be prepared to set out to read five chapters, and find yourself easily reading ten (or fifteen). One of my favorite things is reading along and watching her writing style and complexity/depth of characters grow with each generation. What starts out as a chronicle of a legacy quickly becomes a genuine story with plot twists and gripping drama.

Jes2G cares about all of her characters and that shines through in her writing. She takes the time to give each of them unique personalities and turns mundane legacy life into moments in which the reader becomes invested and hooked! I appreciate her perspectives and the ways in which she combines story driven and game driven plot lines. What are you waiting for? Go read it!

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