The Thoreau Legacy – JoieWilder


Enter a world that is part legacy, part neighborhood rotation and all kinds of drama! Camille Thoreau moves to Newcrest with the sole focus of growing her bank account through success in the video gaming industry. She meets two Sims, Huy and Shirley, and dates them both for years before either of them find out about each other. Once they do, she must choose, but does she make the right choice? Read along as her life and the lives of those with whom she interacts unfolds with  joy, pain, sorrow and love.

First Post: 4th September 2015
Status: Active

First Impressions: What might have begun as a ‘traditional’ legacy quickly became a detailed, deep story that masterfully twists and weaves together chapters from the viewpoints of each of the Sims touched by Camille’s life. I found myself captivated by each of them for very different reasons.

Wilder opens the door into the minds of her Sims, creating meaningful story lines and thought processes that drew me in and kept me hooked. I appreciate how she is able to offer a wide variety of ideas and values through her characters, developing unique personalities for each of them. This story extends beyond simple game-driven commentary and builds a world where it easy to get invested and lost in the struggles and successes of each Sim.

Warning: Explicit content and language are used and may not be suitable for younger audiences and/or those who might be triggered by violence.

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