Adventures of Ava and Van – Taking The Day Off

Van went off to school early again this morning. He said the walk there is lovely compared to having to get the old school bus. Today I decided to have a day off to myself. I thought I would go explore the area and see what is around. I will venture into Windenburg itself with Van at a later date I think.

I was not disappointed. Just a short walk from the house is a lovely open space. A river for fishing or even just to lie in the grass and gaze at the beautiful night sky. I guess that would look amazing at night. Not like Pleasantview at all. It’s so peaceful and beautiful here it’s crazy. I did just sit by the river for a while just taking it all in. I do think I am going to like it here.  I hope Van does too.


I had a quick look at jobs going in the area and there is actually quite a lot. I need to make sure I can make enough money to pay the bills and make sure Van has everything he needs. I do spoil him a bit I guess but what else do I do? A few calculations and then I can start applying in the morning.

Anyway, Van should be back from school shortly. I promised him we do something this evening after he’s finished his homework for the day. We’ll probably watch a movie, have some homemade popcorn and just chill out in our onesies. We haven’t done that for a while. I’m sure he’ll love the surprise.

Ava x


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