Unexpected Turn – Octopocket

Rick Schmitz is typically suave and debonair. All the girls want him, men want to be him, and he thinks he has life figured out with is two roommates, the workaholic Alvin and the side-kick best friend Rhett, at his side. That is until Rhett’s sister comes into town. The silver-haired Olivia doesn’t act nearly like any girl that Rick knows. Everyone has their secrets, but Olivia’s seem to be deeply hidden. Could this mysterious woman be “the one” that he is secretly waiting for or will this unexpected turn lead too deep down the rabbit hole?

First Post: June 15, 2016
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: Right from the beginning, Unexpected Turn reminds you that the first couple of chapters are only a taste of what is to come. Even the Introductions page has a summary each main character, including a secret that the others don’t know. All, that is, except the mysterious Olivia, whom will be revealed through the story’s progression and keeps you reading for more. A good read if you love getting attached to well-defined characters and watching them develop towards their individual goals.


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