Adventures of Ava and Van – First Day of School

I’ve decided to carry on with writing. It felt very relaxing yesterday after the stress of the move. Today was just as stressful. Van went off to school early. He was a bit nervous but that was expected really. He’s now sat outside in the sunshine doing his homework, writing what almost sounds like a life story. It sounds like he had a good day, though. I think he made a few friends as well even though he doesn’t want to talk about them.


My day has been manic with trying to sort the house out. I’ve done some gardening which is a new skill I’ve acquired after the old owners left so fruit plants behind. I don’t mind. I enjoy the outdoors. Finished cleaning and organizing pretty much everything now. There are just a few boxes left for me to sort out and then that should be absolutely everything.

The next task is finding a job in this town so I can keep a roof over our head and bring Van up the best I could. Just like how Mum and Dad brought me up. Well in all the positive ways that is. I’m not sure what kind of jobs there are but anything is better than nothing at the end of the day. I’m fairly creative so maybe a job as a writer or painter maybe? I’ll just have to look and see what there is.

The one last final thing that I’ve still yet to do is phone Aunt Bella and Uncle Mortimer to let them know that we arrived safely. Hopefully, we will be able to go to Willow Creek once we are a bit more settled.

I’d better make that call now before I forget and also make some dinner for Van and myself.

Ava x


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