Bare your fangs! Here are five new The Sims 4 Vampires stories to read

A week after the release of The Sims 4 Vampires game pack, it’s not a surprise that many of our SimLit sources have gone wild with supernatural stories. Here are five excellent stories that you can really sink your teeth into.

The Accidental Vampire – TheGraeyOne


Ada Reid met a handsome stranger at a bar. The story sounds typical enough until she realizes that the one night stand might have become a long-term commitment to undeath. Follow her story as she navigates through her new lifestyle in this image-heavy plot based story.


The Curse Legacy – Yushika


Jezebel Curse had everything a vampire could ask for. A beautiful house, a handsome husband, and such a comfortable life. That is, except the overwhelming insatiable thirst that wedges between her and her husband. His cruel intentions and her unhappiness begin to unravel the fancy marriage. This story tempts the reader in more ways than one.


Fangs for the Memories – LadyLobster


Byron Blackwell is an aspiring comedian stuck in an unsatisfying unlife and dreams to make it big in San Myshuno with live gigs. His sister Bianca Blackwell, on the other hand, upholds her self-assigned obligation to maintain the traditional vampiric image by maintaining distance from socializing with their dinner. These instantly loveable characters clash in more ways than one as the story progresses, bringing to (un)life the true fabric of sibling rivalry.


Weird Old Ladies – SimSimSeree


Those two old biddies in the neighborhood that love to cook aren’t just your typical grammies. They’ve got their own secrets and stories to tell if you’re willing to bend an ear. This short story gives a glance at some colorful characters with a refreshingly unique narrative.


The Straud Legacy – StarSidSims

2017-01-28_00-52-11As the daughter of a high priest, social expectations are the norm particularly when it comes to choosing who to marry. But for this pale-haired beauty, she chased a dream of meeting a man that she would love instead. But the crushing disappointment led to a bitter curse. This mysterious prologue is only the beginning, for everyone should be aware of what lurks in the night.


Do you have a story that is to die for? Share links to your SimLit and Sims stories in the comments below!

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