The Grey Witches – freja64


Granny, Shasta, and Taïga don’t stay in the same place for too long. Perhaps it has something to do with their hobbies. Between the three, and the extended branches of their family, they show some extraordinary potential in the art of magic. This is their story of balancing school, work, magic, demons, and more everyday supernatural adventures of The Grey Witches.

First Post: February 7, 2015
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: The Grey Witches is the epic saga about a supernatural family that encounter many misadventures. Shrouded in mystery, many of the characters are grown with unique personalities. Much of the story by freja64 is reminiscent of Witches of Eastwick style of storytelling. If the reader is so inclined to sit down for a novel of SimLit, following the family through the long list of chapters will keep them wanting more.


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