Adventures of Ava and Van – Late Night Thoughts

It’s late and I couldn’t sleep. I just kept rolling from side to side in bed but something told me to load up the computer and write about whatever is on my mind. So here goes!

They say that moving to a new town can be one of the most nerve-racking moments in your life. To be honest I am more excited for the new challenges and opportunities. Especially for Van too. He may only be ten years old but he’s been through so much the last few years. It’s a fresh start for both of us.

The moving company has finished delivering and unloading the last of the furniture from the old house in Pleasantview. I did buy a lot of brand new furniture for both Van’s room and mine. Things are slowly starting to take shape now. It’s just the kitchen and lounge left to unpack really I think. The last few days have been hectic but I’m so glad we are here in Windenburg now. Just so happy we are closer to the family as well now. Although it is a bit of a trip it’s not as long anymore.


Van starts his new school in the morning. I’m nervous for him but I know he will be fine. He’s sad he won’t see his friends anymore but we will keep in touch and he will make new friends anyway. Van’s always been good at that.

I miss Mum so much. I know she would be proud of the both of us. Starting a new life in Windenburg. She always wanted to move here. I miss Dad too even though I don’t understand why he left. One day I might understand more or even find him again. I know Van misses both of them too. Gosh, I’m making myself all teary eyed now.


I think that’s enough writing for now. I feel a bit more relaxed now. I should probably call it a night. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us in the morning.

Ava x


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