Kiss of a Vampire – Meka


Amari Vinson is the good twin. The one that gets good grades, stays in school and lives up to her parents’ expectations. That is, at least she was. Until the hit and run that killed her sister left her with an empty hole in her heart.That’s when Amari first began to change. The move to the big city of Los Aniegos opened doors of opportunity. But after meeting her idol, Amari is getting more than she bargained for.

First Post: July 20, 2011
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: It’s always nice to see a Sims challenge taken in different ways. For Kiss of a Vampire, the story isn’t only centered around having 100 babies as it would have you believe. It actually dives deeper than that, exploring a tornado of emotions such as loneliness and overwhelming pressure. The reader will most likely feel sympathy for the main character, either that or revel in her misfortunes like the true deviant Simmers that they are.


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