More Than A Princess – TrulyCurly

03-19-15_10-14c2a0pm.pngEira Rossini is not your typical Princess. She is what you would call a Modern-Day Princess with some resemblance to Snow White. Eira has just moved to a new town and all she has is an empty lot and what will be the family heirloom to her name. Although she has no money Eira sets to work straight away in making some money to put a roof over her head. Searching for collectibles and fishing initially it isn’t long before Eira lands a job as an entertainer. The only thing now is to brush up on her violin skills.

Posted: March 2105

Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: I’ve read the first five chapters of Book 1 and I’m really enjoying TrulyCurly’s take on the Disney Princess Legacy. I really think that Eira has the potential to become an amazing Entertainer as well as master the Violin Skill. Although it’s still early days for Eira I’m sure she will make friends as well as find her Prince in due time and fulfill her promise as Legacy Founder.


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