The Seven Fates of Night – MischiefTheKitten

Disclaimer: This story contains mature content and may be NSFW. Discretion is advised.


It all started with Sosostra, the con of a fortune teller that resided in Dragon Valley. She loved to tell a lie, others faces melting in horror and pain as they fell for her ruse and tossed her their coin. But a lie to the wrong person can come with a heavy price and there is nothing more scary than a witch outliving her children. Pain, hatred, and deceit are now all the narrator’s family knows, but how many generations will it take until they can finally end all of this suffering for one little lie?

First Post: May 13, 2014
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: “I can’t promise you a happy ending,” the narrative began, a story told only to those who would listen most morbid of tales. The mysterious stranger weaves a web that you can’t help but bend an ear to, thanking yourself for your blessings as their story goes from bad to worse. This unique presentation through the eyes of what hopes to be the last of a generational suffering will keep you sincerely invested in the family’s outcome, for better or worse. Be sure to read the Disclaimer for mature content before you begin, as it might have some topics that that are unfavorable.

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