The Ackerman Legacy- Ch. 1 Ep 7

Lexi woke up to the wonderful sound of Robin crying. Lexi fed and changed her diaper and cuddled her and that made her stop crying. Lexi went downstairs where she saw that there was no food in the refrigerator so she cooked up something so they could eat this whole week. After she ate, Lexi went to look at Robin and saw she was sleeping and did not want to wake her up. Since Robin was sleeping Robin started to paint a classical painting.

When Roberto came back he went to the gym to workout more efficiently than jogging around his town. He met some new people and he ran on the treadmill the whole time.

When Roberto went to wotk the next morning Lexi cleaned up around the house after her breakfast.

The next morning, Lexi heard a knock on the door it was Alice. That came over uninvited, they talked and a couple minutes there was a knock on the door again. This time, it was J. Huntington. Lexi was confused on to why he was here but she let him in. Lexi introduced Alice to J. and they all had a conversation and had a great time talking to each other. When J. left, Lexi and Alice went to South Square Cafe, where they had some coffee and talked, they had a friend date. They stayed there all day just talking about life and making jokes. When it got dark outside, they went to the nightclub around the corner and they danced all night until it was 1pm and Lexi had to go home to make sure Roberto and Robin were doing fine and were alive.

While Lexi was on her date with Alice, Roberto got a promotion to be the team mascot. He had to wear an ugly bird costume but Roberto thought that this would temporary and when he gets the next promotion he will not have to wear the ugly bird costume.

When Lexi and Roberto woke up they decided they wanted to do something romantic. They had breakfast at home and then went to a restaurant for lunch, they went to Hogan’s Burger Bar. They ate lunch, Roberto ate a caesar salad to stay healthy and didn’t want to eat a lot because of his job. When they finished lunch, they went to Island Buff somewhere they have never been to.  There was no one there either and there was a pool with greenish water but they did not care. They went skinny dipping at the pool. Roberto jumped in naked and they stayed naked the whole time they were there. It was a fun getaway from them. They even had woohoo in a bush which they have not done in a while. They also took naked pictures of each other for fun and to keep for themselves.


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