The Wonder Child – SummerFalls


Mysterious places and hushed voices can be a sign of secrets. But for this story, it all leads to a top secret project happening in Willow Creek. Crick Cabana to be exact. That is where the secretive Athena Godfrey has arrived with no money or possessions, just the clothing she is wearing. Without too much information revealed, it’s soon discovered that she is part of a top secret Wonder Child Project. Athena soon meets Orion Frenlore, another like herself who is involved in the shady Wonder Child Project. Will they get along? Will they stick to the rules of the project and keep it a secret? Only one way to find out!

First Post: 18th January 2015

Status: Completed

First Impressions: I feel like I’m in the world of Fallout with this story.  Athena and Orion have been given this top secret project by the government to help save the world! That aside I’m really enjoying this series. The detail and characters, the setting, the secrecy of the Wonder Child Program, everything really. I’ve read several chapters and the story just keeps getting better and better. I don’t want it to end but I know it will have to at some point. Definitely worth taking the time to read.


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