You’ve Got Me Under Your Skin – Thymeless

Disclaimer: This story contains mature content and may be NSFW. Discretion is advised.


Content Warning: Blood, Death, and Violence

They are watched, constantly by people and electronic eyes. People just watching screens for the slightest little movement and if the Clones are not being watched then we are locked up in little boxes away from anything that can give them imperfections. When they are allowed out it is not without extreme caution. If they are hurt, then they are fixed. If they are defective, then they are gone. They have emotions yet they are so far from what real emotions are. They have questions yet so many are unanswered. Questions about the outside world. Maybe, just maybe one day a Clone will make it to the outside world and get all the answers they need. One way or another.

Posted: 22nd October2016

Status: Concluded

First Impression: From the first sentence, I was curious and slightly nervous. Why were these people in tanks? Why are they being watched? It all became clear quite soon after. The secrets and the plans the ‘originals’ had for the clones. I honestly felt really sad when a character was feeling pain. I didn’t want them to be in pain. I was scared to read what would happen next in case something terrible was going to happen. The amount detail that Thymeless puts into the story really helps bring the story to life. I was definitely on the edge of my seat while reading this story. If you like scary SimLit then this is one to check out!


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