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The Sims 4 City Living

As you’re likely to know, The Sims 4 City Living expansion pack released today and will be available for our UK friends in two short days. The drop of new content is a prime time to kick up a new story or even evolve your ongoing legacy into a new chapter. Sims move to the city for many reasons. For some, it’s an excuse to get busy with their careers. For others, the hustle and bustle

Sims move to the city for many reasons. For some, it’s an excuse to get busy with their careers. For others, the hustle and bustle brings them to life. But walking to the beat isn’t always easy and what’s a story without a little bit of conflict? Here are some ideas to jump start your City Living SimLit.

Rags to Riches Runaway

Not everyone was blessed with a pocketful of Simoleons. But for your Sim, even the large estate or penthouse didn’t satisfy what they needed. Whether it was to prove a point to themselves or others, now they are alone on the streets. With some advice from performers and finding thrown away treasures scattered across the city,  maybe your Sim can find their own place in the world that doesn’t have that strange rotting smell. Either that or fall flat as the city around them moves ever onward.


Pandering Politician or Aspiring Activist

In City Living, there is the new Politician career that tests your Sims’ mettle with the ultimate choice. Starting out helping with good causes, it’s easy for a Sim to lost their purpose along the way. Fighting tooth and nail to make the world a better place can quickly skew into the corrupt. Will your Sim end up beating the system and standing for what they believe in despite the need for funding?



Social Media Simselfies

The world is always moving and always changing. For your Sim, this means capturing as much of it as possible. Nomadic in nature, your Sims’ camera is their prized possession and the world is a canvas of art. In the city, there is an opportunity to share that art from the streets to the computer. But who would have honestly thought that building a following would be so hard? Now it’s up to your Sim to share their art of the world to the world, and maybe even make Simoleons doing what they love.



A Little Bit of Country

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can take the Sim out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the Sim.” That holds true for the Willow Creek natives that are used to their traditional homes and rural neighborhoods. Sure, there are a few odd personalities (although we won’t mention any names) that cast a dark shadow on the otherwise vibrant slice of land. Otherwise, Willow Creek leaves a lasting impression on its residents with simplicity and space. Alas, nothing lasts forever and a sudden change in location is bound to be a culture shock to our more straw-hatted Sims. Will the strong will of country Sims find their groove in San Myshuno or will the city vibe beat them into submission?


Are you excited to start your adventure in The Sims 4 City Living? What’s that? You don’t have the game yet? Well, we have a copy to give away! Reply below with your own story ideas to enter. A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, November 5, 2016. 

Code is provided by EA. We reserve rights to disqualify inappropriate entries.

12 thoughts on “Start Your City Living Adventure!

  1. Hey TSL! I’m so happy you guys are doing a giveaway! So, my idea since they announced CL was to move my main family which i keep screenshotting to San Myshuno since the sims 4 feels very empty rn without that city 😦 windenburg is great, i’m not saying it’s not, but san myshuno has a load of possibilities for storymaking!!!! I would move my Main familiy as i said which is actually made of 1 sim, but he is so cute and city – compatible! i would absolutely remake all his looks to fit the big city and discover a new world! If i win i will be very happy 😀


  2. Thanks for the opportunity, here’s hoping!

    As for my story, I think sometimes we can be trapped in our own self-imposed boundaries as is the case with my Sim, Mia. She lives a rather private life being a loner who covets her simple routine of working as a writer for the Willow Creek paper and coming home at night to one of her many novels she has already read a dozen times over. However comfortable her life is, she tends to dream of more, possessing an artistic trait that has yet to be utilized. Her adventures lie in her books and her heart rather than her reality. Soon that’s all going to change because my shy, quiet Sim and the offbeat, opportunity filled city of San Myshuno will be a case of opposites attract.
    Mia will finally take a chance and move in the Arts Quarter where she’ll meet Sims as intriguing and colorful as the art murals. Her somewhat reserved, icy exterior will slowly melt away when these peculiar characters consistently pop in and out of her apartment. She’ll find herself with an abundance of friends for the first time and they’ll open up her once quiet world and show her all the adventures to be found right in front of her nose. She’ll enjoy the Humor & Hijinks festival instead of turning her nose up to it, she’ll overcome her stage fright and sing karaoke songs in a horribly off-key yet endearing manner, and she’ll be inspired by all the artistic murals and bold graffiti around the city to finally pursue that one, nagging dream she’s always had of painting and selling her work right on the streets of San Myshuno. The crux of the story I want to tell is of the opportunity that can arise when you let people in and expand your world. I hope my Simmie will one day forgive me for intruding on her rather quiet life, but I think she’s going to have a ball 🙂


  3. Thanks for giveaway!
    Well… Especially for TS4 City Living I created a family, which consists of a brother and a sister. They moved to San Myshuno to express themselves in art. However, in very different ways. He wants to become a world-renowned critic, and she wants to be an artist. Can they find a common language and begin to develop culture in the city side by side or they will always remain far apart, as their parents have feared?


  4. Hmm a story idea for The Sims 4 City Living? I think I want to start my story somewhere in the middle of my sim’s life. I want to feel like I’ve jumped right into the drama, the apartment struggle, etc. Why? Maybe they moved a new, fresh start to get away from an Ex (who could still be lurking) or to get away from over-bearing parents. Either way, I want my sim to “Start over in San Myshuno.” Thanks so much for this chance to win! Hope you guys like my idea!


  5. I think it would be great to do the Big Sister Challenge! There are a few collectables around the city and it could be great in all the districts, starting in the more lower end and as they gain money, moving up! I have so many ideas that I think if I wrote them all you wouldn’t be able read all of them ! I would love ciTy living but at the moment it’s not something i can really afford to be spending money on !


  6. Thank you so much for making a giveaway! Can’t really afford it at the moment, but what the hey. And my story would include a daughter’s grandfather died in an apartment and she’d come back to start a new life, just from a dramatic family background.


  7. My SimLit idea would be to have a dad move with his teenage son, daughter that is a s child. After having his wife pass away from cancer. He would like to reconstruct his love life and be a father to two kids. He chose the city because it was a better option for him and the kids. He thought the schools were better. He thought it would help everyone’s social life and meet new people from all around the world.



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