Dear Diary, Memphis Noble – Boomcha


Memphis Noble was adopted at a young age and after losing her adoptive parents two years ago she was left living with her older sister Keniesha in the family home. Now Memphis is the complete opposite of her sister. Shy, awkward and dorky. She works at the local Bistro with dreams of becoming a chef. That may be a long way off but she has only just graduated high school. One night Memphis went fishing at her Dad’s favourite fishing spot. She met Liev, a local musician and after a quick talk, he vanished into the night. Memphis Will Memphis reach her dreams? Will she ever bump into Liev again?

First Posted: 16th January 2016

Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: I love how this legacy is written like a diary. I love reading things like this. I feel as though you can relate and connect to the characters more. The story so far is really interesting and makes me want to read more. I love Memphis as she reminds me a lot of myself from a few years ago. I love how Keniesha is the exact opposite of her too. I’d love to see if Memphis meets Liev again and if they become more than just friends. This is definitely worth a read!

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