Before Her Eyes – CitizenErased

07-05-16_7-00-52c2a0pm.pngWith opened eyes and the sun dancing across her face the young Sim wondered if it was a dream. It all felt so real. But was it? Was it all just a lie?  He was gone. The emotions were painful but nothing she could do would change what had happened. Even though it felt like home. Everything seemed so perfect and beautiful but was it still as real as she thought it was?

First Posted: 5th July 2016

Status: Complete

First Impressions: I was curious from the first sentence but that is not at all the last surprise this story had. It’s so different to other short stories I have read. Something about this one just had me captivated pretty much. The emotions you feel for the story and the characters are not like any I have had before when reading a Sims story. Overall a really beautiful story and love the way it’s been written as well.


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