The Sloane Legacy – EddieSims

sloanelegacyWhen Ariana Sloane lost her parents in a tragic car crash in her teenage years she ended up being passed from foster home to foster home which wasn’t particularly ideal. Yet all this time Ariana never gave up. Her hard work had paid off and now here she was standing on the plot of land she had bought in Oasis Springs. Although her little corner of Oasis Springs was far from complete Ariana knew that one day it will be.

First Posted – December 2014

Status – Ongoing

First Impressions – I’ve read the first few chapters of the Sloane Legacy and I am in love with the legacy so far. I especially love the addition/description of Eliza Pancakes in the first chapter. It sums her up perfectly! I think Zoe is going to play a significant role in Ariana’s life in Oasis Springs as well. I’m hoping that Ariana also follows her dreams and ends up with the perfect home and has a successful career hopefully as an artist too.


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