Verixe – Thymeless

centauriSet in the Summer 28 years before the current generation of the Centauri family, Verixe finds herself in the presence of a strange and mysterious man. After some quick talking and the strange man introducing himself as Elliot the two Sims realize they have more in common with each other than they originally thought. What starts as an accidental meeting soon turns into something much more.

 First Posted – August 2016

Status – Concluded

First Impressions – The story its self is beautiful and I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the end. Both happy and sad tears. I really liked how it’s set over a long period of time and you can see how that helps with the character’s development throughout the story. I like how the author has made the story a smaller side story as part of the Legacy that she is writing as well.

*Verixe is part of the August Short Story Writing Challenge with the theme of Summer Love. The story is also a part of authors ongoing Centauri Legacy.*

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