Liliana Moonchild – lizzielilyyyy

liliana moonchildLiliana Moonchild was born and raised in Appaloosa Plains along with her parents, siblings, the family dog Rocky and six horses. With a love for the outdoors and horse riding Liliana had it all. That wasn’t all though. From a young age Liliana had a talent for music with the dream of being a Country Music Superstar.  At the age of eighteen Liliana set off for the famous Starlight Shores to follow her dreams. With nothing but a small amount of money and a roof over her head Liliana has a long journey ahead of her to reach her dreams. Yet, to reach those dreams Liliana must overcome the obstacles that come before her.

First Posted: 16th July 2015

Status: Ongoing

First impressions: I really love how this legacy challenge story has started off and it is the first Sims 3 legacy that I have read properly and have wanted to keep reading. Liliana as a character is adorable and I can’t wait to read about what happens next in Liliana’s quest for stardom. I have so many questions that I am hoping future chapters will answers. This is a legacy story to definitely take a look at and read!


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