Ironbound – MunterBaconSims


It’s Princess Leyva’s birthday! With her Xaabosian heritage, she was ready to follow tradition and make a bond with one lucky citizen. Her best friend Shaela was her first pick, of course, but there was a problem: Shaela is Helsian. The conflict that had lasted nearly six hundred years had left many bitter. Will the princess choose the peaceful option or will she make strides by declaring the scandalous union of Shaela as her personal guard?

First Post: July 6, 2015
Status: Concluded

First Impressions: This Sci-Fi story is really unique. With the conflict between races and the protagonist feeling out of place, the characters can oddly feel relatable for being set in a futuristic setting. If you love gadgets and sci-fi fantasy, this will be a perfect story to sit down with and read all the way through.


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