Stealing Christmas – Eddie’s Sims World

savingxmasevan.pngChristmas generally is a time for giving, togetherness, creating memories and for spending time with the ones you love. Except for Evan, it wasn’t quite like that. While growing up his family weren’t exactly well off and his Mother would often make sacrifices just to make ends meet. Over the years his dislike for the families who would spend hundreds of Simoleons on food, drink, and presents as well as spoiling those closest to them. For this Christmas though Dr and Mrs Chancellor and their young daughter were to be his next victims, providing everything goes to plan.

 First Posted: 26th December 2015

Status: Concluded

First Impressions: A Christmas story in July? Why not! I really enjoyed this story by Eddie’s Sims World. I didn’t expect the story to turn out how it did but I enjoyed the series of events that led up to Evan’s end. I felt as though I could personally relate to some aspects of the story due to my own experiences while growing up and that made me appreciate what I have now. I do like how the author ‘stereotyped’ Dr. and Mrs. Chancellor and then put the little twist into the story too and overall a really enjoyable Christmassy story.


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