The Ackerman Legacy- Ch. 1 Ep. 4

When Lexi woke up, she initiated a club meeting so she could resign it.05-12-16_3-18-17 PM She didn’t need to impress Paolo anymore since she has found the one. After she resigned she went back home to paint a flirty painting and she kept the painting to put it on her wall. Lexi cooked a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Rob and Lexi spoke and had a conversation on the couch. Lexi was bored so he painted Roberto. She kept his painting and sold the flirty painting she didn’t want.  

Roberto went to work and he got a promotion to Locker Room Attendant. He is now making §19 an hour.


It was a quiet Friday night and they both went to the club, Discotheque Pan Europa. Roberto and Lexi danced together. Roberto showed off the few moves he had and cleared out the dance floor. Paolo was at the club and Lexi went to say “Hi” to him. She did a sexy pose to make him miss her and Roberto saw and got jealous and angry. Roberto and Lexi ate dinner at the club even if he was angry. Roberto was really tired and sleepy since he didn’t go to sleep after work. Lexi thought the DJ was awesome and was hyped to be at the club that night. At three in the morning, they finally went home.

When Lexi finally woke up she went to hang out with J. Huntington III. Nothing they happened they had a conversation, ate lunch and went home. They have become really good friends despite being ex’s and Lexi found someone that she thinks she really loves. Lexi got bored of the conversation and said goodbye to J.

05-12-16_4-07-46 PM05-12-16_4-09-10 PM

Lexi and Roberto sat down to watch television and after a while, they started to make out. Roberto was not angry anymore and was being flirty. He has completely forgotten what happened the night before.

Lexi and Roberto woke up and talked about their previous day. Lexi never said anything about going to J. Huntington III, she saw how angry Roberto was when she flirted with Paolo. Roberto went on his jog to be able to get promoted on his job. After, Roberto went to work.

05-19-16_9-01-26 PM

Lexi went to go visit the neighbors that live in the big house that she sees from her yard.

05-26-16_3-54-15 PM

At the house lived Alice Lewis and her family.05-19-16_9-05-07 PM

They talked and became friends and they went to the Bath Rill in Windenburg. They sat on the edge of the pool and talked about their life and had deep conversations and they also met other people that were there one of them being Hayden Gilliam. And they had a conversation and became acquaintances.


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