Dance! Windenburg – BBQ Penguin Wings


Nyla Wahl-Merchant-Otero was overwhelmed by the acceptance letter for the prestigious Windenburg Academy of Dance and the Arts. It took everything she could to leave her life, family, and friends behind her and hop on a plane for the next chapter of her life. As the plane touched down, she was greeted by a coastline of twinkling city lights, and she knew that this would be a journey of discovery. But it’s not hard to get distracted by the allure of Windenburg’s unspoken stories. Will Nyla find herself able to keep up with the demanding academic expectations?

First Post: March 18, 2016
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: Dance! Windenburg is actually a continuation for the character Nyla Wahl-Merchant from BBQ Penguin Wing’s story called A Detective’s Life. It’s always enjoyable to see legacies evolve past their original stories and make their own strides just like the main character in this. Still early in the plot, Penguin paints a clear background of Nyla and illustrates the setting of Windenburg through vivid description and screenshots. Dance! Windenburg is a very visually appealing piece and readers are waiting anxiously for the next chapter to release.

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