The Centauri Legacy -Thymeless Sims

The Sims 4 Alien Legacy

Meet Lissa Centauri, the eldest of 15 children thanks to her mother Pollination Technician #3. She is a curious, good-hearted alien Sim that loves an adventure. So when FutureSim Labs offered the chance for Lissa to settle into a newly built neighborhood, she jumped at the chance! But once she arrived, her she discovers that her assignment is a bit more than bringing fruitcake to the new neighbors. Tasked with bridging the gap between Sims and Sixanites, she struggles to establish her footing on a foreign world.

First Post: May 26, 2016
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: This legacy is just getting started, and it’s already hooking readers into it. The main character is colorful and upbeat, even in the face of negative events, and she faces a lot of trials that many readers can indirectly relate to. The story is a vibrant brush over a classic Build Newcrest Challenge, but the writing style itself keeps the ‘same old’ gameplay a joy to read. Thymeless really encaptures the world and characteristics of The Sims 4 with witty commentary based on fictional interpretation. Let it be known that “Secret Agent Pond. Jack Pond.” is now a thing.

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