Wonder: A Day in the Life – CathyTea


Mae and Beryl Cups, sisters, move to Windenburg with the goal of art careers and new adventures. Mae, in search of adventures, has a couple of closet woohoos with Paolo Rocca and becomes pregnant with his child. Lacking the funds for good prenatal care, Mae applies and is accepted into the WonderChild program for her unborn baby. What follows are the daily experiences of not just any WonderChild, but Charlie Cups–an individual whose successes and failures are viewed through the lenses of his nontraditional, openhearted mother and aunt.

First Post: 2nd March 2016
Status: Active

First Impressions: I fell in love with Mae and Beryl and, of course, Charlie. CathyTea, as is her style, brings a whole new way of seeing situations and moments into her writing style and shares them as a gift to her readers. I am consistently captivated by the ways in which CathyTea develops each character individually and ties them all together throughout her story.
Full of love, outside-of-the-box thinking, and in depth characters, Wonder, is a story that will have you looking at raising children (and yourself!) in a different light.

One thought on “Wonder: A Day in the Life – CathyTea

  1. I love how this is a completely fresh take on the challenge, with a single mom living with her sister instead of a conventional couple start. And on top of that, Cathy weaves in her signature attentiveness to her sims combined with brilliant gameplay tactics for skilling… Bottom line this is a great choice! 🙂

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