The Ackerman Legacy- Ch. 1 Ep. 3

Without thinking, Lexi invited Roberto, her new boyfriend, to live with her. Roberto had some of his own money and made a little tiny home out of it. She did not have her bush anymore because she sold it and got herself a real full bathroom.

Since Roberto and Lexi have never been on a real date, they decided to go on one. They went to the Magnolia Blossom Park. Roberto was a very easy person to talk to and Lexi felt comfortable with him. They made out on the bench by the kids toys and didn’t care who watched. The date was great and they learned so much about each other. Someone at the park cooked a plate of burgers and they stole some and had burgers at the park.

It was getting very late so Lexi and Roberto went home to sleep off their fun and  tiring date. When they woke up, Lexi learned Roberto has a skill level of ten in athleticism, and that he had decided he wanted a job as an athlete. He took his phone, applied and got the job.  He was so excited that he went for his morning jog while Lexi cooked up some lunch. They had no dinner table so they were stuck eating in front of the television.

Lexi, with what she had left over from Roberto’s money, bought an easel so she didn’t have to keep going to the art museum to paint. Her first painting was a landscape painting.

04-25-16_5-31-32 PM.png

Roberto had to prepare for his new job so he went for a jog in the afternoon again. Lexi tried to paint an abstract painting and it sold for §165.

Lexi was invited to Alien night at a bar by J. Huntington III and took Roberto with her. J. Huntington never showed up but meeting the aliens was a really fun experience. With the aliens, Lexi and Roberto played Don’t Wake the Llama. Roberto won the first round. Lexi was sad that she lost. At the bar, they had dinner because playing with aliens made them tired. They ate dinner at the bar and went back home to sleep for the night.

Roberto went to work for the first time as an athlete. He may start at level one but he will make it to level ten. It will take a lot of hard work. Lexi was alone and painted a little more. Her goal was to make a masterpiece and get her painting sold for a lot more than it does now. When Robert got home he ate something and fell asleep. He didn’t even get to talk to Lexi. Lexi was still outside painting. She painted her first realism painting and it looked good. She has finally made level five in her painting skill.

When Roberto woke up, he went to the gym to workout. First, he punched a bag and then did some weight lifting as part of his job. He made a new friend named Clara Bjergsen and became acquaintances with her. He thought his workout was a good workout so he went back home. In front of their home,  Lexi and Roberto have a little beach and Roberto proposed to Lexi there.   To remember the day of their engagement, they took a picture together and then woohooed a little.

04-25-16_6-15-06 PM

First Picture on Wall



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