The Ackerman Legacy- Ch. 1 Ep. 2

Instead of going to Windenburg, Lexi went to the gym in her hometown, Willow Creek to take a shower. At the gym, Lexi met J. Huntington III. It seemed like they were really hitting it off, it was going really well. They stargazed, flirted, talked and learned more about each other.

04-17-16_7-51-41 PM.png

Stargazing with J. Huntington

To make sure she still liked Paolo she went on a date with him. The date wasn’t that great. Paolo did not talk to Lexi, he went and danced somewhere else. So since he was ignoring her and Lexi went home and fell asleep in her small little bed.

When Lexi woke up to a really pretty sunrise, she called J. to come over and get to know each other a little bit more. They had their first kiss and it was really memorable.  In her head, she thought, “Could he be my forever?” Lexi never thought about going way too fast with a guy she just met, so one flirt lead to another and they ended up in a bush naked. After they woohooed J. had to go home or get to work, J had to leave. At least he didn’t leave without a passionate kiss.  

Since Lexi was alone and had nothing else to do , she went to the art museum, to brushed up her painting skills. She painted paintings and then sold them for whatever she could. She admired the painting and hoped one day her painting would go up on the wall of the first art museum she saw coming to this town. 

04-17-16_8-24-17 PM

Lexi at the art museum saw J. and got to know him a little bit more and she learned that he was noncommittal, she didn’t want to be with someone that didn’t want to be with her forever and would get bored after a while. She didn’t break up with him, she went to the Rattlesnake Juice to think it through. Next to her was a nice looking guy named Roberto. This time, she really did like this person and it was so easy to talk to him. He was attracted to Lexi and accepted every romantic interaction. He was almost perfect. Lexi learned he was active, a snob, and an art lover. That’s all she ever wanted someone that likes art the same way she does. Lexi kissed him and went home to have a “sleepover”. This relationship was moving way too fast but Lexi was okay with it. They even became boyfriend and girlfriend.  




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